The level 7 marines blaster is upgraded for the first time


This Page is about the different weapons Starlings use to defend themselves and also to attack with.


  • Blasters: Marines use this supposedly 'lethal heavy duty' laser gun. It is used one handed, the Green Beret appears to use a similar but upgraded version of this. Starlinators use two of their own special elite blasters that hook up to there back where there are two tanks full of the laser power that they use to shoot. 
  • Rocket Launchers: These weapons are also known as bazookas, the most powerful blasters in the game. They are used by Bazooka Units, Colossi, and S-Trikes. The Missile Launcher turret uses two similar rocket launches to fire at air units, though these cannot target ground units..
  • Cannons: Cannons shoot bombs quite similar to Bazooka rockets, though they are generally less powerful, and have a smaller range. They can be found on Cannon Blasts, Beetle Tanks, and supposedly on Zeppelins. Attacks using this weapon are often quite effective against clusters of weaker ground units.
  • Flamethrowers: A unique weapon currently only used by the Flamethrower Unit, this weapon deals quick damage in a stream, and can easily take down turrets when used in groups.


  • Lasers: A simple laser, which generally appears as a small blue streak, that is used in all blasters and arguably in the sniper tower. This is the main ammunition used in the game for everything excluding tanks. 
  • Missiles: Used in Colossi, Missile Launchers,and arguably the missile rain, it appears as a red and white cylinder, powered by a jet of some sort.
  • Bombs: A powerful piece of ammunition used in Cannon Blasts, Zeppelins, and Beetle tanks, they deal area damage, and are excellent against weak, crowded groups.
  • Fire: Flamethrowers and the old Fire Golem use this. 
  • Freeze: Invented by the Starling wizard Reptice, it is loaded into Freeze Turrets to slow units down. (It's also apparently used in the Freeze Missile) It appears as a blue-ish white globule.

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