Warp Gate 3


Portal de teletransporte galaxy life

Portal de teletransporte galaxy life

Warp Gate 3D Model

"Starlings like to be together! Once you bring them to your colony, they all come here to wait for your orders."
  — in-game description 

Warp Gates are used to hold the units you have trained. If you attack someone, the units located inside your warp gate can be used for your attack.


  • To hold more units, you need to build more Warp Gates or upgrade your current Warp Gates.
  • If your Warp Gate is completely destroyed, you lose all units that were inside it.
  • From level 3 onwards the warp gate will stay looking the same, just like the one Elderby has, even though they aren't used.
  • Do your best to DEFEND YOUR WARP GATES ! They give out a high concentration of Exp and War Points.  One disadvantage to defending it is placing it in your base.  They are the biggest buildings in the game and are hard to slot into your defences.
  • Warp gates level 6 give out about 3.500 xp points, what is more than 4 warp gates level 5! For that reason is not recommended to upgrade them at levels 50-100, because level 5 warp gates are still decent and because they give out 35 warpoints. I personally recommend to upgrade them at levels like 100-110.
  • You never know who's going to attack you, and if they are going to completely destroy your base, make sure you don't leave for a long time if you are training expensive units!



To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings per Base level visit: Building Level Unlocks on Star Base's Page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon size
If destroyed
Stage 1 5m Coins 1,300 8,000 230 Experience 5 Experience 4
Stage 2 1h 15m Coins 5,400 14,000 260 Experience 25 Experience 15
Stage 3 3h Coins 21,400 25,000 320 Experience 82 Experience 57
Stage 4 8h Coins 85,700 28,000 380 Experience 291 Experience 226
Stage 5 20h Coins 342,800 33,000 450 Experience 1,058 Experience 886
Stage 6 1d 16h Coins 1,371,300 36,000 540 Experience 3,885 Experience 3,541

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