• Stevenphan3000


    April 18, 2013 by Stevenphan3000

    There are cheaters who can't be attacked. There is a d**k decared war with our alliance. His level is only 62 but when I spied on him, it was shown that his level was actually 80. He has a level 6 Starbase and 2 mortals, etc. (WTF?!) We are in war but none of us can attack him. Every time I attemp to attack him after spying, it said "Someone beat you in the punch and now is looting from this player"; even if I can click on the attack icon, an error occurs and I have to repoad the game. I just can't attack him. What a cheater! If the admins reading this, his name is 'lose-heart', his own alliance is 'American Soldiers'. Main planet in system 'TAN KE' - (720,346) Someone must do something about this!!

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