i am making savings in galaxy chips for alliance, cause my parents dont wanna add their creditcart account for 30 free galaxy chips :(

i'm on 10 now and i didn't get one today from recycling plants, so it's about 11 days that fight for belgium! is joinable

i post the prevents for coming in here:

captain preferences:

s- trike, beetle tank, raider, wasp, and all training camp units exept from starlinator unlocked

you must have colony.

(if you don't have one of these you must be a friend)

active in wars

private preferences:

s-trike, beetle tank, marine, looter, flamethrower and bazooka unlocked

active in wars

for both you must love belgium and respect it

if you're not active in wars you will be kicked out



p.s. i will post the coords from one of my members later