Hey guys this blog is about my favorite units of all time.

  1. The first unit is the bazooka as the best turret killer
  1. Secondly we have the marines as the best swarmer with the wasps
  1. Thirdly the S-trikes as the best speed attacks
  1. Fourthly the colossus as the best base killer with the zeppelin
  1. Number five is a raider as the strongest looter
  1. Number six is a falcon as the best defense killer
  1. Seventh is the beetle tank as the best defensive unit
  1. Finally the mole as the best wall bypasser

These are in no order but these are in my opinion so if you feel like sharing yours comment on this blog

  • Good turret killer
  • Good base killer
  • Good base killer
  • Best defense killer
  • Good speed attacks
  • Good bypassing walls
  • Best defensive unit
  • Best swarmer
  • Best swarmer
  • Strongest looter

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