Peps on E

aka Matthias

  • I live in Berlin
  • My occupation is Dj und Producer
  • I am Männlich
  • Peps on E

    in high level galaxy life isn't funny anymore... all strong player are only strong cause their are attacking their own fake accounts, we can't make a good war cause the most are inactive, to weak or the strong people make war against their multi-accounts and gain 300.000 war points each war cause of this art of cheating. and nobody is doing against them. i report Aden Vartanian for two or three weeks and he can still play now, and he is not the only one multi account, there are much more which are cheating with multis (oscar garcia (and all in his allianz) for example (coords 90,113)) -.-

    sry but the only way to get at the top of ranking is to cheat, to hack or to use multi accounts and that i don't want i will play fair so i must quit the …

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