Hello, everyone! I've found a few glitches or bugs in Galaxy Life that I would like to share with you. NOTE: I did not cheat or hack to do these, they just happend. 

Galaxy life glitch

Here is how it happened, I had 0 Galaxy Chips. I took away some rocks and they gave me a Galaxy Chip. It was bouncing up and down like items always do when you get them. Then, instead of just gliding up to my total, it disappeared. I looked up and found it said I had negative 1 Galaxy Chips.

Galaxy life glitch 2

I completely forget how I got to this one but what the Starlings are looking at, isn't a Star Battery.

What the heck does Null mean? - I'll try to get a piture of this one but anyway, I'm level 11 and you need to be level 15 to play alliances. My friend invited me to join an alliance and when I clicked "join", it said: "You must reach level null to play alliances."


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