Tip of the day Tuesday 5th February 2013:

It is vital that you keep a balance on how much you spend and gain from raids on other planets.  Upgrades will raise costs of units, and you need to know if you will balance the cost of spend to loot.  One of the cheapest combinations are bazookas and beetle tanks, but I think you get more money from Compact Houses.

Tip of the day Monday 11th (I think) February 2013:

Don't be worried if you come across an upgrade which costs a lot of money.  It is likely that over time your Compact Houses will give up enough money to return your previous wealth back to you.

One example is a Level 9 Compact House costs about 270,000 gold to upgrade to level 10, but a Level 10 Compact House pumps out 360,000 gold every two days!

Tip of the day Tuesday 12th (?) February 2013:

Missile Launchers are severe threats to Falcons.  They can take out Falcons once locked on to at any range and are hard to take out when accompanied by any other turret apart from the Freeze Turret.  The only way to get rid of them is to use Support (Boulder Strike, but those are pretty hard to get) or get some ground units.  One issue is that Missile Launchers, in later levels, usually is occupied by a mortar, so Ground Units are clearly out of the question.  So it has to be a Boulder Strike or Skull Nuke.

(Exception:  S-Trikes, but only good in large numbers.  But you may not have enough space in your Warp Gates.)

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