Many, Many, years ago, in a distant galaxy known as Galaxy Life, a very war-like alliance, Team Khaos, decided that they wanted some action.

So they went to Elderby and told him the words that changed Galaxy Life forever. Here is what they said: "You must let us give this world of starlings some action. Or else we will kill you and the one who created you. Is that clear?" That was what changed Galaxy Life. Forever.

No starling has ever had the courage to stand tall and face it all. Even if one did, he or she wouldn't have won.

Many years after that, the Tree of Life gave birth to a starling that completely changed the course of Galaxy Life's future. Starfire.


I wake up screaming like an idiot. My boyfriend, Zip. comes into my room.

"What's your excuse this time, Fire Girl?" He asks.

My real name is Starfire, but Zip calls me "Fire Girl" all the time.

"Well?" He asks.

"T-the draw for the Starlinator games......and my crazy chidhood memories." Seriously. 

I remember all the weird feautures I had when I was born. Golden-brown hair (I'm not fooling you. it's natural hair). Emerald green eyes. My name. I even remember when I was taking classes for becoming a starling leader. The other starlings laughed at me. Fitting in was NOT an option. But I still got a passing grade.

Next, the Starlinator Games. Every single planet has a portal made from their solar system's gems that leads them to planet. Every single starling levels 20 to 60 has to enter a specific amount of tickets depending on their level. If you're level 20, you have to enter 80 tickets. If you level up at least one month before the next draw, you and your starlings enter 2 less tickets each.

The escorts do the draw in your community planet. Then the chosen starlings get sent to Planet Paradise, where they have the Starlinator games. I need to bring my fellow starlings to Planet Purple for the draw this afternoon

Oh my gosh, I remember how many starlings from my planet didn't make it back from the Starlinator Games. 15. That's still a lot, you know.

"Starfire! Get ready to go to Planet Purple for the draw!"

Crap. If my name gets drawn, I'll have to go to Paradise City, but if I come back my life will be ruined forever. Reason being is that my enemy, Luana, has a huge crush on Zip. I hate that girl. I don't know how she got into my life. If Zip falls for her tricks, I probably won't be able to find a boyfriend ever again, and my life will be ruined.  

We go through the portal from my planet, which can be accessed by lifting one specific tile inside my star base. But don't tell anyone!

Firebit is this planet's boss, because it is said that he was corrupted by Viotallite, the gem of the purple solar system.

You might think having Firebit as a boss is bad, but it's not. After the Team Khaos speech he has learned to clean up his act. Completely.

We also have to do the draw for Firebit's starlings here, but if one of them wins it doesn't count for the other citizens of Planet Purple.

We head over to the stage, where there's our escort, Marina, Firebit, and our past victors: Flare, and Thorn.

I know Flare pretty well, because he was my friend's boyfriend. At least he used to be. The year he won, his girlfriend's name was drawn also. Same story with Thorn. Since I know almost every starling leader in Planet Purple, I have lots of close friends.

"Good afternoon, starlings! Welcome to the draw for the 83rd Starlinator Games." Booms Marina.

She walks over to the glass ball with the names of Elderby's starlings. She plunges her hand into it, takes out a slip of paper, and smoothens it out. Then she reads the name.

No, this could not have happened. I repeat, this could NOT have happened. The drawn name?

"Starfire, level 20."

To Be Continued...

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