• I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • I was born on February 19
  • My occupation is Stuff I wanna do
  • I am Female
  • LightShadow151

    the starlinator games will be upgraded soon! cuz, i has better ideas on how 2 write a story. so b sure 2 check out the update soon! also check out the new update on my profile to match starfire almost completely. XD


    CallmemabeyXD (talk) 23:02, May 4, 2013 (UTC)

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  • LightShadow151

    Hi guys. You know a lot about GL, right? I'm making a quiz about it and I'm accepting questions for the quiz since on this topic 1. my mind has gone blank and 2. I'm only lvl 18 so I need a lot. The goal is to get the highest score. Email the q and a to me at Thanx!

    Much luv, --CallmemabeyXD (talk) 02:53, May 7, 2013 (UTC)

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  • LightShadow151


    "Oh just shut up. You don't need to yell in my ear. If I lose the games because you almost popped my eardrum, it's your fault." I grumble.

    "Sorry. We have our traning sessions today. You'd better get going." He laughs.

    I roll out of bed and get dressed. Then I head to the lounge of the aircraft. Right. All the tributes get 4 days of training. I guess that's enough to improve my skills. Sort of. But I don't think I'll make it off the gold starlinator area alive. That's the worst part of the actual games. 

    "Starfire, Marth, can we talk to you guys for a minute?" Asks Thorn from behind, followed by Flare.

    "I think you guys have very similar features as us." Says Flare. "We just wanted to know if you two knew the term …

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  • LightShadow151

    Hey doods. If u r enjoying the Starlinator Games so far and u want more, I'll bring more 4 sure, but I'll need some time between parts to do some planning and improving for this series. Thanx! Enjoy the series!!

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  • LightShadow151

    Hey doods i need 2 know if my defence is good. i cant get a screenshot of my base. srry. but ill try to describe it the best i can.

    • Every single building is touching with the boundary, another building, or a wall. Might not be a wall cuz i put down max amount of wall for star base lvl 4.
    • I try 2 spread turrets apart as much as possible, depending on the type. 
    • i use tunz of traps. anyone that attacks me with infantry units only fail to do damage to anything.

    If u have anymore tips and tricks post in the comments plz!! Also check out the starlinator games part 2 out now!!!

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