Here are my opinions about the units in the game- (1-10)<- rating scale


Marine-Good basic attack, when level 6-10 use these with Bazookas. Rating-6

Looters-Not a great unit, but effective when looting Star Bases. Rating-4

FlameThrower-Good unit when paired with S-Trikes and Starlinators. Not effective with Looters. Rating-5

Bazooka-Epic Clean-up unit! Use these with Colossus, S-Trikes and Starlinators Rating-8

Kamikaze-Don't really do anything other than do pointless stuff. Not a good unit. Rating-3

Starlinator-Their only weakness is Mortars. Take S-Trikes to stirr up the turrets, then drop Starlinators Rating-9


S-Trikes-One Word. AWESOME!!! Great for any player. Rating-10

BeetleTanks-Good up to when you get a level 5 StarBase. Then they have little use. Rating-7

Raider-Only use these with Bazookas and BeetleTanks. Other than that they have no point. Rating-4

The Mole-I thought these were pointless until I paired them with S-Trikes. They are now one of my favorite units Rating-8.5

Colossus-Great for bunkers but not great for Speed Attacking in Rival Battles. Use these when you want loads of War Points when you have a LOT of time. Rating-9


Wasp-USELESS! Rating-0.000000000000000000001 (just kidding!) Real Rating-1.5

HooverUFO-They are way to expensive and dont make back their production costs, bad unit. Rating-2

Falcon-Not needed but recommended with S-Trikes. Great for Bunkers. Rating-8.5

Zeppelin-Not prefered with anything. The only reason: Too EXPENSIVE!! Rating (without cost)-9.5, Rating(with cost)-7

Tell Me what you think about this!

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