"We are Starlinators, the best trained Starlings you'll ever see. You have to be very careful, we might harm you if you get too close!"
Heavy unit. Specialized in destroying enemy defenses.
  — in-game description 



This unit can also be crafted by completing its Collection.

  • The most powerful infantry that can be trained in game at the first Levels but not the most Powerful Infantry Unit even at Level 7. The Level 7 Kamikaze is the most Powerful Infantry Unit that can be trained with a damage of 5500, 2 and Three-Fourths Times the Damage of a Level 7 Starlinator.
  • Craftable along with the Colossus and Zeppelin.
  • Easily destroyed by Mortars and Laser Tower.
  • Short range, easily comes into the range of turrets.
  • Expensive. Exponential cost increase from level to level.
  • You get 10 Starlinators for free from Elderby to attack Firebit. They will disappear, even if you don't use them all, this is to prevent abuse from players.
  • They are recommended for destroying Sniper Tower or Laser Tower (due to starlinator level).
  • You will need Starbase on level 6 and Minerals 7.142.000 to unlock it.
  • Level 4 and higher Starlinators are significantly faster in speed.
  • It is good when paired with S-Trike when attacking bases.




To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, visit Troop Level Unlocks
on Laboratory's Page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon damage
Icon damage type
Icon fire rate
Icon target
Icon unit target
Icon speed
Icon range
Icon size
1 7m 30s Coins 18,600 1,200 600 Single Shot 0.8/Sec Defenses Ground 0.75 140 20
2 7m 30s Coins 33,500 1.500 750 Single Shot 0.8/Sec Defenses Ground 0.75 140 20
3 7m 30s Coins 50,200 1.500 900 Single Shot 0.8/Sec Defenses Ground 0.75 140 20
4 7m 30s Coins 65,100 1.800 900 Single Shot 1/Sec Defenses Ground 1.125 140 20
5 7m 30s Coins 83,350 1.800 1.200 Single Shot 1/Sec Defenses Ground 1.125 140 20
6 7m 30s Coins 107,150 2.000 1.500 Single Shot 1/Sec Defenses Ground 1.125 140 20
7 7m 30s Coins 160,725 3.000 2.000 Single Shot 1/Sec Defenses Ground 1.125 140 20


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