Silo 3

Building Description

"The Silo is a building where you can keep your minerals. Minerals can be collected from mines or by looting other players!"
  — general description 


  • You use minerals to activate and upgrade units, and attacking other players outside of your system.
  • The maximal total storage is: Minerals 214.260.000 (Minerals 266.259.840 with mine storage)
  • Silos have the equivalent storage to it's counterpart, banks (when at the same level)
  • Silo is one of the best to hide Mortars best hideout for mortars remains the level 9-10 Compact House
  • Silo has the same health of banks when at the same level
  • Silos have more health that compact house and mine so it's one the most resistant building's in the game!
  • Now, since game update 0.84.2 silos got the funcion of collecting all minerals on your planets at once (by one click).



To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings per level visit: Building Level Unlocks at Star Base's Page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon production mineral
If destroyed
Stage 1 10m Coins 760 750 Minerals 7,000 Experience 4 Experience 1
Stage 2 15m Coins 1,720 1,400 Minerals 14,000 Experience 7 Experience 1
Stage 3 22m 30s Coins 3,460 2,550 Minerals 28,000 Experience 13 Experience 1
Stage 4 33m 45s Coins 6,900 4,750 Minerals 56,000 Experience 23 Experience 2
Stage 5 50m 37s Coins 13,800 8,800 Minerals 112,000 Experience 43 Experience 4
Stage 6 1h 15m Coins 27,600 16,250 Minerals 223,000 Experience 83 Experience 8
Stage 7 1h 53m Coins 55,220 30,000 Minerals 446,000 Experience 159 Experience 15
Stage 8 2h 50m Coins 110,440 55,600 Minerals 893,000 Experience 310 Experience 29
Stage 9 4h 16m Coins 220,880 105,000 Minerals 1,678,000 Experience 607 Experience 58
Stage 10 6h 24m Coins 441,760 190,000 Minerals 3,571,000 Experience 1196 Experience 115

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