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Reptice is the very latest antagonist in the game. He lives on the other side of a black hole. He also invented the ice blaster. In order to get the Freeze Turret which uses the ice blaster,You need to have a Star base Level 4 or higher, (When you try to go to Reptice's planet with a lower star base level,This message shows:

"Your main HQ must be at least level 4 before you can send an army through a black hole!" 

Apparently Reptice is a wizard according to the description: "We first need the blueprints to build the Freeze Turret! Rumor has it that Reptice, a hideous Starling wizard, knows the secret to slowing down time. Find him in the Planetary System, destroy his HQ and seize the blueprints for the freeze turret!" 


  • His eyes resemblance on a Sennin mode of Naruto or an eyes of a frog.
  • Despite having the strongest defences of all the villains in the game, he was originally a starling with good intentions.
  • Reptice was likely morphed with the strange creature in his lab when he transformed into what he looks like now, as it looks similar to himself.
  • His starlings are colored orange unlike the starings of the other antagonists which are colored the same color as themselves.
  • He has an ice gun, which starlings and the two antagonist don't have.
  • He is not the only one who mutated, but there's other 2 that looks like him.


  • He will level up once if you defeat him and have already gained the Freeze Turret, just like the other in game antagonists. (e.g. Sparragon)  
  • He is also the worst looking starling in galaxy life, as other starlings mention
  • He's not a good choice for NPC item farming, as he has a really sturdy defence all guarding 1 Star Base, it's recommended to attack Firebit or Sparragon instead.
  • His weakness are falcons and s-trikes, who will utterly breakdown his base.
  • Use crafted units if you are low level as 4 colossi,2 zeppellins and 6 starlinators will destroy his base, even with some difficoults
  • His turrets are level 5!
  • Reptice's base do not have Resource buildings.Only few amount of Resources is found on the starbase.
  • Without Starlinators,Zeppelins and Colossi,You might need consecutive attacks to shred his starbase.

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Reptice's Story

Spoiler Alert!
Upon defeating Reptice, he reveals that he was never hostile. He was a wizard, revered by many Starlings. However, an experiment went wrong and it left him deformed and ugly. The starlings hated him, so he escaped through a warp gate to a parallel universe.
Reptice's Story
  • Reptice appeared !
  • His new weapon: Freeze Turrel
  • You defeated him!
  • Once upon a time, he was a inventor until...
  • accident turned him into a monster...
  • ...and he disappeared in Warp Gate.