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Observatory 3

"A great way to expand your might is by colonizing new planets"
  — in-game description 


  • The Observatory enables you to get multiple Planets/Colonies. The higher level the observatory is, the more colonies you can colonize.
  • On new colonies/planets your Star Base looks different and the background scene might be diferent, for instance snowy(Blue colony), warm(Purple colony), gloomy(Green colony), etc.
  • You can have only one Observatory (in your main planet) ! Colonies can't have observatories.
  • You get 1 new colony per Observatory level up to the maximum limit of 11 new colonies, apart from your main planet. (12 planets total)
  • Observatory health is bigger than Star Base level 8 because its Hardened metals,High in HP,And also heavy strong materials for the observatory, so it's also good for defenses but Contrasting Star base level 9 and Observatory level 11,Star base level 9 have larger hp than Observatory.
  • If you don't want to wait for weeks to finish up the upgrade, don't forget that you friends can help you to speed it up by clicking on it; this way you'll save a lot of time.
  • Observatories take an extremely long amount of time to upgrade due to massive needed of scripts and electricity to work it,Also Observatories are made of some Painted metal and light. In fact, the last few upgrades take about a month. Plan ahead before upgrading your Observatory.
  • The total of all and enhancement of the observatory is about 5 months and 4 days!
  • Observatories also have high cost of Coins due to High amount of payment to build its scripts and Electricity.Metals and Titanium has a medium amount of coins that are needed to pay.
  • The more colonies you have,you can collect more materials to trade in!
  • The appearance will kept the same after level 5 until level 11 (max level) .
  • The Observatory is very useful when one enemy attacks you because: - He cannot plunder                                                                                                                                 - He does not bring back an                                                                                                                       object                                                                                                                                                     - He in a great deal of health                                                                                                                   - He relates can of Experience                                                                                                                   and War points



To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, visit:
Building Level Unlocks at Star Base's Page.

Observatory 3
Icon time
Icon costs
Icon health
Colony 3 Experience
If destroyed
Stage 1 2d Coins 750,000
Minerals 0
4,000 1 Experience 2,351 Experience 2
Stage 2 3d Coins 1,050,000
Minerals 525,000
6,400 2 Experience 3,784 Experience 4
Stage 3 4d 12h Coins 1,575,000
Minerals 787,500
10,240 3 Experience 5,676 Experience 5
Stage 4 6d 18h Coins 2,362,500
Minerals 1,182,000
16,384 4 Experience 8,514 Experience 8
Stage 5 10d 3h Coins 3,545,000
Minerals 1,773,000
26,214 5 Experience 12,774 Experience 11
Stage 6 15d 4h Coins 5,381,000
Minerals 2,659,000
41,943 6 Experience 19,161 Experience 17
Stage 7 18d 5h Coins 9,570,000
Minerals 4,785,000
67,108 7 Experience 32,593 Experience 29
Stage 8 21d 20h Coins 17,225,000
Minerals 8,613,000
107,374 8 Experience 56,396 Experience 52
Stage 9 26d 5h Coins 31,000,000
Minerals 15,500,000
171,798 9 Experience 98,776 Experience 94
Stage 10 31d 11h Coins 55,800,000
Minerals 27,900,000
274,877 10 Experience 174,531 Experience 169
Stage 11 37d 19h Coins 100,000,000
Minerals 50,000,000
439,804 11 Experience 308,912 Experience 302

Building Models



  • Fixed an issue preventing the hologram to be shown when the user mouses over the observatory.

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