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"Mines are resource buildings that produce Minerals."
  — general description 

Minerals collected from the Mines can be used to finish a upgrading building that has less than five minutes left, send units to Defense Bunkers, and to unlock units inside Training Camps, Factories, and Starports. Minerals are also required when attacking other players not in the same system as you. Colonizing a planet requires Minerals and Coins. Certain building upgrades also require minerals to upgrade, such as Sniper Tower  and Cannon Blast . Minerals will always be needed in the Laboratory to upgrade buildings, no matter what.


  • If your mineral storage capacity is full, then you will not be able to collect more Minerals. You can increase your capacity by building and upgrading Silos.
  • Mines generate Minerals over time. When their internal storage becomes full, they will stop generating minerals. The internal storage of mines increases as they are upgraded.
  • Star Bases can store Minerals 9,000, no more no less, regardless of level.
  • Mines will keep generating Minerals when destroyed.
  • A level 10 mine will give up to 200,000 minerals when it is completely destroyed if the Mine was completely full before the attack.
  • Mines take less time to upgrade to each level than a Compact House does in to the same level.
  • Mines generate less experience and give out less war points than Compact Houses. Destroying a Mine cannot give more than 1 war point, even if the attacker's level is lower than the defenders as levels don't mind. A common tactic used by high level players attacking low level players is destroying one building and ending the battle. This gives you one war point no matter what.
  • High level Mines have lots of health. Because of this, players will often line them outside of their base with Mines and Compact Houses, as to keep units with no target (no preference to attack defenses or anything) occupied with them.



To see detailed info on how to unlock each level, and the total amount of buildings per level visit: Building Level Unlocks at Star Base's Page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon mineral perminute
Icon production mineral
Icon filling time
If destroyed
Stage 1 8s Coins 120 750 Minerals 6 Minerals 360 1h Experience 1 Experience 1
Stage 2 2m 30s Coins 240 1,500 Minerals 11 Minerals 990 1h 30m Experience 1 Experience 1
Stage 3 10m Coins 520 2,400 Minerals 20 Minerals 2,700 2h 15m Experience 3 Experience 1
Stage 4 30m Coins 1,080 6,000 Minerals 31 Minerals 6,510 3h 30m Experience 8 Experience 1
Stage 5 1h Coins 2,260 12,000 Minerals 46 Minerals 13,800 5h Experience 15 Experience 1
Stage 6 2h 30m Coins 4,470 24,000 Minerals 62 Minerals 27,900 7h 30m Experience 34 Experience 2
Stage 7 6h Coins 9,980 45,000 Minerals 81 Minerals 55,980 11h 30m Experience 78 Experience 4
Stage 8 12h Coins 20,940 65,000 Minerals 103 Minerals 105,060 17h Experience 158 Experience 6
Stage 9 1d Coins 43,960 105,000 Minerals 128 Minerals 197,760 25h 45m Experience 321 Experience 12
Stage 10 1d 12h Coins 92,340 165,000 Minerals 156 Minerals 360,360 38h 30m Experience 550 Experience 25

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