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Kamikaze Galaxy Life!

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"We don't need a weapon because we are the weapon. A picture's worth a thousand words!" Explodes when it gets close to target. Ideal for taking down walls.
  — in-game description 


  • The kamikaze is a unit in-game that deals a great amount of damage in a single suicide-bomber style attack.
  • These guys prioritize walls over anything else.
  • As it is a suicide bomber, it obviously dies in the attack and cannot be re-spawned.
  • If you can drop them right next to a bunker and there are no walls around to distract it, this is pretty much the perfect counter to attack a bunker. Even if the bunker is filled with Falcons or Colossus you can drop a couple of these and watch them hit the bunker before the troops inside can get out, wait for it to close up again, rinse and repeat. Same goes for mortars if you can't afford to risk air units against them.
  • They CAN be effective in bunkers, depending on what they're deployed against.
  • Some players use these in bunkers, but aren't efficient as the have pretty low health and don't do any sustained damage
  • When there's no wall, they're going to attack anything that's close to him.
  • Sometimes useless as some units, if not most, like to find their own way through a wall.
  • Kamikazes are the fastest infantry unit but definitely not the fastest unit.
  • Avoid training too many kamikazes(Level 4 to 7)for attacking a powerful base because its a waste of money and its due to Kamikazes get killed by Towers/Units and also their cost is high when you have low amount of coins.
  • Level 7 Kamikazes are the Most Powerful Trainable Unit and Infantry Unit but definitely not the Most Powerful Unit among all Units, and it is quite hard to justify that 24x cost increase per unit for only a 2.75x increase in damage per unit.



To see detailed info of how to unlock each level, visit Troop Level Unlocks
on Laboratory's Page.

Icon time
Icon health
Icon damage
Icon damage type
Icon fire rate
Icon target
Icon unit target
Icon speed
Icon range
Icon size
1 9m 10s Coins 1,550 600 2000 Area blast 1/Sec Walls Ground 1.35 50 30
2 9m 10s Coins 4,650 900 2000 Area blast 1/Sec Walls Ground 1.35 50 30
3 9m 10s Coins 9,300 1200 2000 Area blast 1/Sec Walls Ground 1.35 50 30
4 9m 10s Coins 13,950 1200 2500 Area blast 1/Sec Walls Ground 1.35 50 30
5 9m 10s Coins 18,600 1500 3700 Area blast 1/Sec Walls Ground 1.35 50 30
6 9m 10s Coins 24,800 1500 4500 Area blast 1/Sec Walls Ground 1.5 50 30
7 9m 10s Coins 37,200 2,000 5,500 Area blast 1/Sec Walls Ground 1.5 50 30



  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Kamikaze from crashing against certain buildings.

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