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GL Pocket Adventures Trailer(01:16)
GL Pocket Adventures Trailer
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Galaxy Life Pocket Adventures - Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch(01:21)
Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures
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Pocket Adventures Banner
Pocket Adventures Banner
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Pocket Adventures Facebook Puzzle
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Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is the name and your phone is the frame. Wanna check out this amazing game? Our next awesome title is just around the corner!

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners are in luck! Remember that iOS device Starlings don't like to mix up with Facebook Starlings, so you will have two unique worlds, not inter-operable with each other, which means that this game does not replace the web game(basically a lesser version).

GL Pocket Adventures' Preview
  • GL pocket adventures logo
  • pocket adventures description (app store) 1
  • pocket adventures description 2
  • pocket adventures description 3
  • pocket adventures description 4

Tip: The new units such as the s-trike or the smasher squad are not available in this version.

Official Facebook Page:

Download from iOS App Store:

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