Counselor Mobius


Councelor Mobius is the Alliance know-it-all. He is the go-to guy if you ever have a question about how the alliances work. He will help you get started, and will be around to help you along the way if you ever get stuck. You can find him on the upper left on the "i" icon.


Galaxy Life Trailer01:22

Galaxy Life Trailer

Councelor Mobius on Galaxy Life Trailer.

  • If you join an alliance he is visible in your planet.
  • He is featured in Galaxy Life trailer.
  • He is in the first picture when your alliance goes into battle
Mobius Advises & Tips
  • HELP 1/5
  • HELP 2/5
  • HELP 3/5
  • HELP 4/5
  • 5/5
The Alliances Colors
  • Blue Alliance
  • Red Alliance
  • Green Alliance
  • No alliance

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