In this article I am going to give you all my tricks of combination of turrets and I would explain you their advantages, I hope that these tricks will be very useful for you and that they will protect you against attacks. On the other hand it will be recommended to protect your turrets by putting buildings in high health. 

Category of units


-If your opponent attacks with Aircrafts, he has chosen wrong, because Missile-launcher will kill them off.

Cannon blast;Missile-launcher

-Put 2 or 3 Cannon blast to balance the damages of the Missile-launcher.

-It is duet of turrets is where there is that damages of zone.

-Improve regularly your Missile-launcher because he will be alone against the Aircrafts units.

-Improve also the Cannon blast to have more long-range one and better one rate of fire.

Sniper tower;Mortar

-Put 3 or 4 Sniper tower to balance the damages of the Mortar.

-Put 4 Sniper tower wastes a great deal of Sniper tower but extremely effective.

-All the types of units will be had by your turrets.

Laser tower;Cannon blast

-This combination is not very effective against the Aircrafts units but slightly against the Vehicles and mattering against the Infantry.

-Your opponent attacks with Infantry the Cannon blast is going to occupy damages of zone and your Laser tower will finish with a good power of attacks.

Missile launcher;Mortar

- Very effective againist infantry and aircraft units, and still effective againist vehicles. But be aware of Colossus!

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