Clash of Stra bases

Clash of the Star Bases Event



• This event it's only available for the AGAME version of the game.
• This event has ended.


After logging into Galaxy Life (on AGAME) , a tab popped up, saying this: Message from Major Wor''

A weakling, puny and a lame duck they call us! Chief, things are not going as we planned…sigh…This is really disappointing, we are supposed to be fearsome! Merciless! Coldblooded! Somehow we lost our touch. Alright, listen Chief. I know a way to bring fear into the hearts of your enemies and make them truly look up to you. You are simply going to have to destroy their Star Bases…Muhahahaaa! There are many galaxies, many planets, many Chiefs…but only a few can be truly ruthless and destroy most bases.

  • Destroy the most Star Bases to WIN the contest!
  • Destroy 1 Star Base = 1 Kill point
  • Every Star Base you destory between 6:00 AM EST November 30th 2012 and 4:00 AM EST December 3rd is worth 1 kill point.

Show no fear. Show no mercy. Show the Galaxy you're a chief to be reckoned with!


The 50 Chiefs with the most Kill Points get these honorable rewards:

Kill Points from 1 to 5 from 6 to 20 from 21 to 50
Prizes 60 Galaxy Chips + 2 Skull Nukes + 5 Missle Rains 1 Skull Nuke + 5 Missle Rains + 5 Boulder Strikes 3 Missle Rains + 10 Mystery Cubes + 5 Colossus

Hint: A faster, stronger, army gets more Kill Points! Speed up your training and building time with chips. And don't  forget to find vulnerable enemies with the Target Spotter...

Contest Deadline: December 3rd at 4:00 AM EST

Reward Date: December 5th


Here are the winners: -Muraty- -riki76- -zanik- 1dellus 666crazy ARNALDO1974 Alfred_Ito BENO1977 BlackSpotter Bodziomir CONDECRAKEN1980 DiegoCinco FREDY333 FerumSO4 Filiberto15 Gianludo Guest GuestCMF4zA Gustavo1804 Heimscheisser Jazz1919 JulioGuedes MartinDreams Miriel-47 Notarzt17 ONGIADEFERO PW105 Pinkseacow ROLAND1908 Rocky999999 Schnarchi66 Skwares Stixer7 Suikodom Sunless ZAETAdeluz _-lamine-_ _Haritza77_ _LuckyDragon_ _Michi_ __dered__ _assassino30_ _bastou2000_ _brian0_ _ja_te_pego_ _kicia7777777_ _korek99_ abel1436 adamgil adanel99 ala-max albafiore andrzej755 angelos77 anubys5976 arabela1313 arturoc bebab bubelek1 carlaabel cebollas2 cmandt digo12339 dinioh donym_ dreadstyle faeidam franceschinivincenzo gilbertmion gustav90990 hecubah henrycerqueira huy1-1-2 joey0301 kio247 kuba27042002 lil-s**** lunaluna83 marteppe martin3534 mati7205 nadiros80 ohmondieu raed64 renatode robotrocket sanlo78 smajid snoeppie100 srgnyrl standardNL ticafstpierre toanvt tombos- totocot34 turuyrur ugur2288 vgrenier xxmario2005 zoltar42


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