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Use this medal in the Laboratory and get an extra super upgrade for your unit! You can buy medals in the Shop, or get them in your alliance by accumulating warpoints and wars won!
  — in-game description 
  • You need medals for upgrading units to level 7.
  • You can get Medals for Soldiers and Vehicles, but not for Aircrafts as they can't be upgraded to level 7.
  • You can get medals in your alliance by accumulating Warpoints Warpoints and winning wars, or buy them with GalaxyChip Galaxy Chips.
Medal Requirements
Medal Warpoints War Points required Wars Won required GalaxyChip Chips required to buy
Marine Medal Warpoints 450 1 GalaxyChip 30
Looter Medal Warpoints 900 5 GalaxyChip 150
Flamethrower Medal Warpoints 2.000 12 GalaxyChip 360
Bazooka Medal Warpoints 5.000 16 GalaxyChip 460
Kamikaze Medal Warpoints 12.000 20 GalaxyChip 600
Starlinator Medal Warpoints 18.000 24 GalaxyChip 720
Supertank Medal Warpoints 30.000 29 GalaxyChip 870
Superhoover Medal Warpoints 48.000 35 GalaxyChip 1.050
Superdriller Medal Warpoints 60.000 40 GalaxyChip 1.200
Colossus Medal Warpoints 90.000 60 GalaxyChip 1.800
S-trike Medal Warpoints 110.000 90 GalaxyChip 2.700